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BCE can help you grow your business or retain important customers.  Storefronts give you access to larger, more complex customers and no-hassle repeat business.

The target customer is a business or organization that orders several times per week, often from multiple locations. Storefronts give you and your end customer better control over a print program with a multitude of information on line, real time. Some storefront benefits include:

  • Simple end user data input with multiple levels of review and approval

  • Instant, on-line proofs for every job

  • Access to old jobs and simple reordering with or without changes

  • Multiple products or graphic templates hosted on the same storefront

BCE customizes and maintains your storefronts, and we can help you sell the product as well via webex. For qualifying accounts customization and maintenance will be done at no cost to you. Our storefronts are constructed so that BCE remains in the background, and the relationship is between you and your customer. They won’t even know we exist.

We have over one hundred operating storefronts for our customers, servicing local New England accounts to large multi-national corporations.

Full Color Digital Print

We have printed our digital work on an HP Indigo press for over five years and have operators well versed in this technology. We stock a wide range of Indigo-approved substrates up to 16 pt. caliper. For color-sensitive customers with storefronts we can settle color to their satisfaction. Once the customer approves the color sample, we lock the color settings into their storefront, allowing us to provide consistent color from run to run. This is a big plus over gang printers where color can vary greatly run to run.

We have acquired finishing equipment that allows us to finish digital business cards efficiently and consistently, so that your customer is delivered a great looking product. Once we ship, we can automatically notify customers and send them a link to Fedex tracking information. We can also send the tracking information to you with a copy of your invoice if you would like that.

Offset Thermography Print

Our roots are in raised print, and thermography still represents a significant portion of our business.

We print offset flat or raised, (same price), on two-color Ryobi presses in fifteen standard colors.  We stock a wide array of substrates in smooth, linen, laid, fiber and specialty stocks for rapid turn of orders.  While we primarily print business cards, we also offer fold-over cards, letterhead, envelopes, announcements, and all occasion cards. All raised-print letterhead is processed with laser safe powder for use in fuser-based copiers.  Please see our catalog for submission and print schedules. We turn product rapidly, and you will know when to expect delivery from BCE.

  • Offset printed (raised or flat) business cards

  • Digitally printed business cards

  • Foldover cards (even or French fold, offset or digital)

  • Letterhead

  • Envelopes

  • Foil-stamped & embossed product

  • Announcements & invitations

  • Rubber stamps

  • Postcards, rack cards, jumbo cards (digital)

  • All Occasion cards (offset)

  • Brochures (digital)

UV Coating

UV coating can enhance and protect business cards and other printed matter.

We UV coat daily in a 25” machine, offering gloss, satin and soft touch finishes.  UV coating is not suited to uncoated substrates, so it is offered primarily in our digital product line where we most frequently print on coated stock.  We will coat your product for a nominal fee.  Coating can be specified when you enter your order through our site.

Foil and Embossing

Foil or embossing can really enhance the look of a business card or stationery product.

We foil in gold, silver, red, blue, green and copper with a maximum image area of 3” X 8”.  We can also print on foiled or embossed items offset only, raised or flat ink.  Foiling can be done on business cards, letterhead, envelopes or announcements as long as our maximum image area is not exceeded.  We can also register two foil colors on the same printed item. Embossing is also offered with the same image area restrictions.  We order foil dies weekly with a maximum product turn of ten business days.

Round Cornering

Round corners can enhance the look of a business card, making it stand out.

We can corner round your business cards on one to four corners in five radii.  Standard round corners on business cards are ¼” radius, however, we also offer 1/8”, 5/16”, 3/8”, and ½” radii.

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